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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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second. it's a cirrus sr22. it can be a four or five seat configured airplane. it's famous for the parachute system designed to save the passengers and aircraft and it's happened many times. it's not clear if it deployed or popped out on impact. i noticed there was no fire which suggested, a, it didn't hit hard enough to rupture the fuel tanks. or b, it may have been nearly out of, or out of, fuel. two survivors were carted to a hospital. the faa can investigate for violations of flight safety standards. and ntsb team will be here to investigate for the cause once they arrive. like all plane crashes, they are all presumed to be potential crime scenes to keep people, including the media, from
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disturbing the evidence. we did have the opportunity to speak to a neighborhood who heard the crash, and we'll be able to bring you that sound at approximately 6:00 when we are back. that is the situation now. just short of the runway at sonoma sky park, tom vacar. >> tom, you mentioned the parachute. the cirrus is the only aircraft that comes with a parachute on the plane and has an excellent safety record. but in this case, we don't know, as you mentioned, whether the parachute deployed after the plane hit the ground or perhaps the plane was so low to the ground by the time the parachute was deployed it didn't make a big difference. although it could have potentially saved three lives for those who survived. >> reporter: that's the beauty of this investigation. the faa will come out here to check against whether or not this was operating correctly and
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all that. but they'll determine did this thing come out at the correct time? did it not come out at all? was the pilot trying to get the plane to the airport which is just a couple of thousand feet at most from here. it's an important investigation. fortunately you have three survives and they may be able to contribute to this. that will be important for people who fly these airplanes or the people that could have been struck by it had it hit in a more populated area. >> we'll see you at 6:00 and look forward to hearing from the witness to see what they saw. we have more information about the plane that crashed it. looks similar to this one. it's manufactured by cirrus design cooperation. it was the model sr22. it's a single engine aircraft and typically has four or five seats. a three alarm fair raced through a downtown building in lafayette last night. the fire burned so fast and hot, east bay med has to increase
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water pressure to fight the fire. henry lee is at the building where the chamber of commerce and restaurant are among the nine businesses that are a charred mess. henry, do investigators know how or where the fire started? >> reporter: well, julie, it's not safe for the fire investigators to go into what remains of the building. they have to secure the billing first. they have an idea possibly where the fire started. the fire broke out before midnight in the heart of downtown lafayette. . within moments, with giant flames flying everywhere, it was clear to firefighters they wouldn't be aggressively attacking the fire. it was soon clear that no businesses could be saved. this view from skyfox shows the devastation. among the casualties, the chamber of commerce, a popular
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restaurant, a cpa office, and others. the fire appeared to start in a restaurant but the determination of what started the fire may take time. >> we're developing a plan to safely initiate the investigation. there are parts of the building about to fall down or have fallen down. in order to safely conduct the investigation, we need to bring in additional resources. sfwl >> reporter: the heat forced evacuation of nearby buildings. loud booms of tanks used for outdoor heating exploded. east bay had to increase the water pressure. some 12,000 gallons of water were sprayed per minute. the damage at least a million dollars. >> it's a big impact to us. >> i'm sure the board will come together. i'm sure the city and chamber will come together and come up with a temporary solution to
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find a home for the chamber. >> i can't believe this happened. i just got a phone call and text messages, it's a shame. >> reporter: fire officials say it might be at least 24 hours before they can go in the wreckage to determine what caused the blazed. after they do that, the building known to many will be leveled. >> it was a ranging fire. i saw it when i was driving home from work last night on highway 24. i was taking pictures of it. there was so much heat and so many embers floating up in the sky. describe it for us now. it's in a densely populated area. there are a lot of businesses and homes right there. >> reporter: you have homes, the busy downtown district with famous restaurants. the smell of smoke is in the air, very thick. it's quiet otherwise. but we have a lot of fire
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official vehicles here and will be here through the night to determine the start of the blaze. well a 150 foot tall tree fell in that same area of lafayette back in january. the century old tree crashed in the parking lot near a restaurant. fortunately no one was hurt. for the first time, we're hearing from president trump about the controversy surrounding his son and his contact with a russian lawyer. the president made the comments today in paris. >> reporter: president trump and his french counter part doesn't see eye to eye on everything, particularly when it comes to climate change. but they announced today they're at least willing to work together. >> confront unfair trade practices. >> reporter: in a press conference in paris, trump and
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emmanuel macron announced they'll partner to promote free trade in global combat terrorism. >> we face threats from north korea, iran and syria, and the governments that finance and support them. >> reporter: president trump commemorating 1006 it is controversy of u.s. entering world war i on his first france trip. >> despite the history between the two nations, both leaders remain far apart on climate change, e specially president trump's decision to with draw from the paris accord. >> we know what the disagreements are. we expressed them on a number of occasions, but i think it's important to talk about it. >> reporter: the question on everyone's mean at home, having to do with the meeting between president trump's son, donald jr. and a russian attorney during the campaign. >> i think from a practical standpoint, most people would
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have taken that meeting. it's called opposition research. >> reporter: the two presidents dining at the eifel tower tonight ahead of tomorrow's celebrations. two key senators, rand paul of kentucky and susan collinsch maine oppose the healthcare bill. republicans can only afford to lose two votes and pass the bill. the first vote is set for next week. it would also keep taxes on upper income americans in place, but the bill would phase out the medicate expansion and limit future growth. >> it improves on a previous version in a number of ways all while retaining the goals of providing stability and improving affordability. >> from what we're seeing, the new republican trump care bill is every bit as mean as the old
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one. >> democrats were critical of a provision that would allow insurance companies to sell bare bones plans as long as they offer coverage that meats the standards of the affordable care act. former president jimmy carter was treated for dehydration today after being in the hot sun in canada. this is some of the video from earlier today. he was taking part in one of his favorite causes, building homes for habitat for humanity. carter was taken to the hospital as a precaution but he is feeling fine tonight. he and his wife, rosalynn, are long time supporters of the housing charity. a young girl sexually assaulted as a laundromat and it was caught on video. the elementary school girl was washing cloits with her grandmother -- clothes with her on tuesday. this man molested the girl without the grandmother or other
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patrons noticing. once the grandmother found out, she called 911. police were able to identify the suspect with a video. a couple of hours later, they arrested chavez. we avoided all the other cars and hit that tree. >> it's only his second day on the job. and this morning, he already jumped into action when a delivery truck driver passed out behind the wheel. hear from the quick thinking passenger coming up next. >> disease and pests outside these oakland businesses. the frustration with the city as homeless encampment is getting worse. >> a reminder why de-spenceable space is sporpt. how some in the community are talking about changing their yard in the future. >> another nice day out there. some fog coming in behind me as we head wards friday. saturday and sunday we go up in the heat. temperatures near 100 degrees towards the weekend.
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this fire that burned a home and more than 100 acres in the san jose foothills is 100% contained. it started on tuesday. it shows us how important space is around homes. we're live where the fire burned and tells us what we need to know. maureen. >> reporter: well, where i'm standing gives you a good look at the landscape. you can see the hillside where the fire moved through. below that charred area, you can see a dozen homes in the hillside. firefighters say protecting those was their main priority. that's where one burned. and firefighters say space is key. for some, life is starting to
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return for normal in the seasonally fit hills where a wildfire swept through. cal fire and seasonally fire launched an attack from -- and san jose fire launched attack from the our and ground. this man wasn't home but his son was and didn't realize how close the fire was until he walked outside. >> he was in the backyard and could see the neighbor's house which is next door on fire and the hill on fire. when he walked out to check the house out in the front yard is when he noticed our yard was on fire, too. >> reporter: these hillsides are trapped with dry, brittle fuel when is why it's important to clear 100 feet of dispensable space around your home. >> you can see how dry this is. >> reporter: a san jose firefighter showed us which homes were best situated. >> you have a composition roof,
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100 feet in all directions. >> reporter: if we're lucky, they're home survived. >> citrus trees, this stuff will burn easy. it's close to the house, this stuff will burn. >> they stopped it from getting up in the trees, which would have been a problem because it would have essentially burned the house. >> reporter: seeing flames so close, he plans to change his yard. >> it will be completely different. rocks. cut the trees back more. i thought this was a good area at the bottom of the hill, but it's not. >> reporter: firefighters thursday monitored hot spots but decleared the fire 100% contained. >> the home is just a home, it's really nothing. the family, that's everything. it doesn't matter as long as everybody and my neighbors for safe, that's the big thing. >> reporter: and the cause of the fair is still under investigation -- the fire is still under investigation. i'm told arson investigators are looking into it.
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back to you. >> rocks don't burn so a rock yard wouldn't be a bad idea. thank you. the cable car bell ringing competition took place in union square today. [ bells ringing ] >> cable car operator byron cobb was crowned the winner at the competition. he beat last year's champion for the title. each bell ringer has two minutes to perform. contestants were judged on rhythm and style. this year two of our casts were judges. >> it's all net wrist. >> i think so. it's a powerful wrist move. >> mark should come out and tell us what he looked for. >> it has to be a certain criteria. >> he was saying they have their
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own signature ring, each driver. they're knot doing it out of tune -- not doing it out of tune, but it's a sequence. >> and when they do their ring, whatever gets the loudest crowd reaction? that may play into it. >> sal looks serious about all that. >> sal doesn't mess around. he's at work. >> and it's a san francisco thing and he's a san francisco guy. >> yeah. remember the rice-a-roni commercial? >> the san francisco treat. okay. so it's another nice day. a lot like yesterday. some places warmer, some places cooler. temperatures into the next couple of days are going to get up there especially on the weekend. look at saturday. sane that rosa could hit -- livermore at 99. it won't be hard in brentwood to get 100 or parts of antioch. the lid is on. the high pressure is pressing
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down or starting to be done. it's not on this very second, but it's beginning. i'll show you opportunity. if you come back at 10:00, the winds will be coming more northwesterly and that's indication of the high building in and this lid developing. what all meteorologists do, we kind of know what's going to happen with a high building in and heat coming on, but you look for environmental clues to verify what you're seeing or what the forecast are, the things that you would see to indicate a high pressure developing. one of those is that fog pimpling down. the heat, saturday and sunday. there it is. i make a big deal out of these environmental clues. but before the internet and before computers and a lot of things, that's how you did it. you made a phone call. the old days, if i looked figure
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out what fog was, we're seeing this from the slight. we could see the fog but didn't have the access. we would call. i had a buddy who was a commercial fisherman and he would ship to shore radio and say, we have fog out here. so it was a very different -- we were always looking for environmental indicators. and you can still do that. there's an environmentaled kay tor there. fog down -- environmental indicator there. fog down now. tomorrow morning, you'll see fog in the morning hours. tomorrow will be slightly warmer. the purple are one hundreds trying to show up. you'll find upper 90s. upper 80s, low it's an inland bay valleys. the rest is what you see there. it's sort of -- i remember hanging out with my dad and his
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dad out catching or camping or -- camping or whatever, look at the bird flying or the tree. there's all these things you look at that sometimes work. but sometimes we get too far away from that and look at models and maps but you can visually see what's happening. the old ache in the knee can tell you when it storm is coming. >> not my knee but some knees. a delivery driver passes out with his foot stuck on the gas headed straight towards a school bus. >> that's the last i remember. >> hear from the passenger who jumped into action and likely saved lives in a story you'll see only on 2. four fires in one at east bay construction project. 2 investigate sits down with the mayor to see what the city is doing to keep it from happening
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a delivery driver passed out behind the wheel nearly causing a collision on southbound 680. the co-worker jumped into action and saved lives. >> jesse gary has the story you'll see only on 2. >> reporter: it's likely jared elliff has never been happier to see his father.
5:24 pm
the story of his cuts, bruises and mangled delivery van is stuff of lends and he owes it all to his golden state warriors championship t-shirt. >> i've been driving for areas. i've been on the road a really long time and i've never been in this kind of situation before. >> reporter: around 8:00 thursday morning, elliff and his would worker were heading to the next to last stop for the pure grain bakery. as they drove southbound on 680, elliff's work mate who was behind the wheel, had a medical emergency. >> i just started coughing and that was it. that's the last i remember. >> reporter: he was unconscious and his foot struck on the gas heading towards a school bus. elliff sprung into action. >> i yanked the wheel to get us off of the road. we avoided the school bus, avoided all the other cars and hit that tree. >> reporter: to reach the tree,
5:25 pm
elliff had to go down an embankment off the freeway through a fence and avoid traffic, off the grass, down into the tree instead of into and through the corner of this office building. investigators say both men were lucky. >> we typically end up with a two vehicle collision, a sideswipe collision or worse. >> reporter: the driver was unharmed and officers say won't be sited. elliff has cuts and bruises and injured ankle. he considers himself lucky and owes it to quick reflexes and warrior's win that; isn't that corrected his -- win that sparked his purchase. >> reporter: are you going to take it off? >> i'll probably wear it next week. . >> wow. so lucky. >> yeah, the tree stuck inside
5:26 pm
the front end of that vehicle. >> good thing the tree was there to slow him down. the building was right there. coming up, oakland businesses are fed up. 0. >> the problem with homelessness and the city says it's getting worse. >> new to the job, how barth's police chief -- how bart's police chief won't answer questions about crimes committed on the train. >> barely enough to drive but set out on a thousand mill journey. why with a teenager got an escort in san francisco and picked up checks along the way.
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a new survey on the number of homeless people in santa cruz county shows a big increase. last taken two-years ago. it shows an increase from the 2015 survey it. represents one in every 120120 people in the county -- 120 people in the county. host of the homeless are unsheltered and one if four are women with children. half of them are suffering from a disabling condition. frustration is growing among owners over a homeless encampment that brings
5:30 pm
filthiness to the neighborhood. it's in west oakland we spoke with homeowners, and businesses and the city what it plans to do. >> it's like a plea market. >> reporter: as this homeless encampment grows on wood street near 26th in west oakland, so does frustration of business owners nearby. >> i'm supposed to be running a business here. my employees or myself shouldn't have to put up with this. >> reporter: this is a picture taken last week. garbage everywhere. >> have rats in my building. i've never had rats in my building. >> reporter: the city cleaned up the trash but they expect it to pile up again. >> another two or three weeks it will be to the point they have to come out and pick up again. >> reporter: it's brought in port-a-potties and barricades to keep the camps from encroaching deeper on the street.
5:31 pm
the city sees it as a more human and healthy option. >> it's better they have a place to go to the bathroom. but certainly the fact there's a large homeless encampment by these businesses is not any better, and we understand that. >> reporter: among the residents of this encampment is lee smith. he's a war vet rain that fell on hard times ten-years ago. they knows garbage is a problem for the neighborhood. >> you drop it in one pile and they come get it. we have to watch for people who just want to dump stuff. >> reporter: this area has become an illegal dumping site for outsiders. they hired an additional crew and cleanups will be more frequent. the problem is soaring rents and low income housing is harder to find. oakland is doubling budget to 185 million dollars this year. >> there is a light at the end
5:32 pm
of the tunnel. in the meantime, we that he had to do a better job managing the encampments we have. >> reporter: some say when it's in your face every day, it's hard to remain optimistic. a man is in custody after he allegedly shot a woman this morning. the 57-year-old man called police from his home on bucknell road saying, he shot his roommate after 7:00 this morning. when officers arrived, they say they found a 60-year-old woman with one gunshot wound. she died at the hospital. police are waiting to release the victim's identity until the family is notified. there are new developments in the case of a missing man. 22-year-old richard moss went missing may 25th while driving to work on highway one. family friends say they found a wheel in the waters of mon tero state beach.
5:33 pm
friends say the car wheel may be a part of the car moss was driving. a sheriff's department spokesperson said investigators haven't been able to confirm if that wheel wrongs to moss's car. two weeks ago, a beach goer found a triple a card belonging to moss that washed up on the beach. people spoke out opposing oakland mayor's new pot club. organizations against legalizing pot held a news conference today. they said it would increase crime in san francisco's outer sunset district and put children at risk since the dispensary would be 500 feet from a church that run as preschool. >> in the future, the store will sell the candy and cookies. these are children, they don't know what will happen. >> the groups started a petition urging law enforcement to follow
5:34 pm
federal marijuana laws. the police chief off the job for two months and faced questions how the transit agency reports crime. the new chief tried to quiet criticism. that bart isn't as forthcoming as it should be. >> reporter: in an unusual move, bart held its board meeting at san francisco's powell station where board members took a tour above and blower ground. the new police chief carlos rojas on the tour held a news conference since passenger have been twice robbed by gangs. bart hasn't released video tapes of the crimes for fear the perpetrators may be minors. in public places there's no expectation of privacy, especially when the public places are heavily covered by security cameras. bart stopped issuing daily crime logs and set a new policy not to release detailed information on crimes apparently for fear of
5:35 pm
offending ryders of color by the media overhyping much crimes. >> much of the video leads to prosecution of an individual and that becomes evidence in a case. and it's important for us to maintain that integrity of that case and not compromise it from an investigative standpoint or a prosecutor's standpoint as well. it's a case by case basis and has to be fact base. i wouldn't be in favor of releasing videos for sensationalization purposes or entertain meant or anything like that. we follow the law in terms of releasing the video, we're not going to jeopardize any investigation. as a police chief, i have that decision whether or not to release the video. >> reporter: he concedes the policing on bart could be better. >> we have to be aggressive in our enforcement and our training. >> reporter: another strategy for what the chief says is a short staffed department.
5:36 pm
hire 40 new bart officers. >> we're looking at robbery issues, putting out a robbery suppression detail to prevent these crimes. we want to be on the side of prevention because we can't arrest ourselves out of a problem. >> reporter: i asked the chief if he would consider using facial recognition technology to detur and investigate crimes, he said he didn't know enough about it and emphasized traditional police work as his immediate goal. san francisco's mexican museum says it's working to assess items in its collection following a report that many pieces couldn't be authenticated. an investigation determined only 83 of the nearly 2,000 artifacts in the oldest part of the collection were considered up to national museum standards. the museum says the review is part of the process to be accepted as an affiliate of the
5:37 pm
smithsonian institute. it's now verified 170 pre-columbian art works considered masterpieces as part of its permanent collection. >> this is the most difficult part of the collection. how do you authenticate something when they're 2,000 years old? it's easier to authenticate things that are newer. >> the museum said it would accept any and all donations until recently. the board set a goal of raising the bar on quality of artifacts azenith smith sewnian affiliate and moves into -- a smithsonian a@-- affiliate. >> coming up, the,000-mile journey he's making on -- the 1,000-mile journey he's making on a bike to raise money for heros. ♪
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there are new developments in a couple of hours in a case of four young men missing in pennsylvania. tonight, a person of interest in that case make as confession. >> you admitted to killing four people. what do you have to say to these families? anything to say? >> i'm sorry. >> why did you do it? >> the attorney said his client admitted to killings and told authorities where the victim's bodies are located. jeff cole has the latest on a missing person's case that is
5:41 pm
now a homicide investigation. >> reporter: from the air, a coroner's vehicle could be seen back own. equipment wheeled in. the search area resembles a small commoned. the district attorney in his briefing was cautious. >> how close are you to charging anyone here? >> i wouldn't be able to tell you that yet. >> reporter: the news came at midnight. >> i'm very sad to say we can now identify dean, 19 years old of middletown, as one of the people that was found buried in that grave. >> reporter: weintraub said it's a homicide several as investigators are focused on the 12 foot deep hole dug in the corn foal where they say there's additional human remains. and attention is brought to this item, trucks in the field last night which we've been told is an oil tank.
5:42 pm
still unaccounted for, jimmy patrick, 19 of newton, mark sturgis of pence berry and thomas mayo of plumb stead. yellow ribbons to symbolize hope. and mourners leave flowers for the missing. >> god so an awesome god and he has them now in his arms and that's really what it is. a team of afghan girls listen able to comb to the u.s. and compete in a row bittics competition. they were denied entry in the u.s. but the state department will allow them to travel. the reversal came from the white house at the request of the president trump. the president is under fire of its travel ban but afghanistan was not on the list of countries restricted from traveling to the united states. jerry brown made a plea that approved his climate change
5:43 pm
plan. it will extend the cap and trade program through 2030. that's when businesses pay more for pollution they create. he paint add dark picture of the future if they don't support the plan. he commented on everyone else in the room. >> most of you people, when i look out here, a lot of you people are going to be alive. and you'll be alive in a horrible situation that you're going to see mass migrations, diseases, forest fires, southern california burning up, that's real, guys. >> the plan was approved along party lines after hours of debate. it moved to the senate appropriations committee. a bay area teen is spending his summer break making an important journey on his bike. >> i remember what i'm doing it for and it keeps me going throughout the day. >> the special reception and
5:44 pm
checks he picked up. 0. >> we're tracking that warm-up. not too bad today. but temperatures start getting up there towards the weekend. triple digits possible.
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
a 16-year-old boy from napa is riding his bicycle 1,000 miles. he's going from the oregon border to mexico in hopes of raising money and awareness for the families of fallen police
5:47 pm
officers. he traveled to pacifica today with police and chp escorts along the way. >> reporter: it's not often a cyclist sems a police escort through the streets of san francisco. but travis is no ordinary cyclist. >> you remember why i'm doing it and it keeps me going through the day. >> reporter: no camps or lying on the couch this summer, he is going 1,000 miles from the oregon border to the mexican borderer and stopping at police stations along the way. and picking up checks, money that will benefit the california peace officers memorial foundation of families of fall enofficers. >> it brings awareness to dangers that law enforcement faces on a daily basis. his foundation could help any one of his out. >> reporter: his father is a napa police officer. >> when he was working at night,
5:48 pm
i would stay up thinking of all kinds of things that could happen. >> reporter: in the wake of several publicized officer involved shootings and negativity towards police, travis felt the burden at a young age. >> he was scared to death he would come home and be shot in the drive way. it effected all of us. >> reporter: his dad says after attending peace ceremonies in may, travis came up with the idea of a ride. >> he said, dad, i don't want to experience anything like that again and we want to make sure these families are taken care of. >> reporter: today is day six. he rides 70 miles across the golden gate bridge. daily city and pacifica police escort him to pacifica. >> for this young man to do this on his own, we're highly empressed. >> reporter: a few days ago, travis gave the pen to the
5:49 pm
mother of a sheriff's deputy who was ambushed in his patrol car by a gunman with an assault rifle. >> it was a touching moment. my dad and i walked out crying. >> reporter: travis raised more than $7,000 and hopes to double that amount with more than 500 miles still to go. he'll ride a leg of his journey with the mother av fall enpolice offer richard allen may by his side. >> i don't know of any other 16-year-old spending their summer like this we couldn't be more proud. >> amazing seeing the officers rally around him. >> so much confidence at 16 years old. we wish him the safest great journey down there. that's a long way. >> as he heads his way south, it's a beautiful drive.
5:50 pm
i take it he's going down highway one which is stunning. >> what's the significant thing weather-wise about highway one fog? >> cooler. >> yeah and he has a tail wind all the way down. going from mexico to canada would be a bear. you have a nice tail wind from pigeon point to santa cruz. that helps. if you've ridden a bake, a tail wednesday make -- a bike, a till wind makes all the difference. it's nice we see upbeat stories like that, that are inspiring. today was warmer in antioch, 94. same in livermore, 90. 83 santa rosa. warmer tomorrow. stead as you go. it's summer. you can see some tropical
5:51 pm
moisture. it's bleeding up north. it's explosive moisture creating thunderstorms through the inner mountain region through the great basin and rockies. not atypical, but something to note there. right now, our mountains around mammoth and bear valley, a few thunderstorms kicking off to the south of that. for us, we're looking at temperatures now that are about where they were last night and the night before. these are -- this is a classic summer weather pattern now and we're experiencing it. a little better air today because you can see more clearly than we did yesterday. air quality is better. the last two days we couldn't see this. there's the forecast tomorrow morning. reds will be 90 tomorrow. there's the 90s. the yellows are 70s. that's tomorrow, which is like today but warmer. and saturday and sunday we'll see more of the purples migrate up. we might see a couple of purples
5:52 pm
in the inland east bay valleys. it will be hot tomorrow and the weekend. for the weekend, a heat advisory will go effect for santa cruz mountains and san jose hills. it's not for zoning ar san francisco or oakland -- for san jose or san francisco or oakland. these are the hot spots. kind of a summer weather forecast with the heat peaking on saturday and sunday. upper 90s. probably see triple digits. and the heat advisory goes into effect for the hills of the south bay of santa cruz mountains and east bay. tomorrow, bay area start-up is launching an overnight bus service from the bay area to los angeles called cabin. earlier this morning, we got a tour of the double-decker bus that features 24 beds, sleeping pods, a lounge and wifi. it's being compared to a hotel but on wheels. the owners of the company say about 48,000 people travel between l.a. and the bay area
5:53 pm
every day. they're hoping the service will give people the chance to relax and spend more time with their families before leaving on their trips. >> majority of people are driving or taking a flight. we think it's more comfortable. instead of driving down the 56 you can get in a -- on the 5 you can get in a nice comfortable bed and go to sleep on the way there. the bus leaves at 11:00 at night and gets you into santa monica the next morning. for more information go to and click on the web link section of the next page. >> that is why sal is always ready to go. coming up, a tough competition for a good cause. the fitness challenge being held today that includes officers from tactical teams across the state. >> there are more questions on answers surrounding a string of construction fires in the east bay. we sit down with local mayor libby shaft to see how she's
5:54 pm
working with developers. >> in your eyes is oakland's development being tempting -- targeted?
5:55 pm
at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag.
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at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. in the north bay, police are searching for a woman who used a counter fit $100 bill at a bake sale. michelle cruz gave music students the fake bill. the students were selling treats trying to raise money for travel
5:57 pm
and instrument funds. cruze used the fake bill to buy $20 worth of baked goods. police are hoping someone will help them locate that woman. some of the toughest swat officers around the state are tackling an obstacle course for a good cause. they're participating in the swat challenge to benefit a special charity. >> reporter: the competition got underway this morning with more than 100 officers competing in a source. it includes a weighted carry, weighted like, team water challenge and run among other events. 30 teams around the state en sent teams of four to compete. the real winner will be the george mark children's home. a family in san leandro who
5:58 pm
looks after termly i'll children and their families. >> being able to give back to my son in this way i think he's looking down on me and he's proud of this event. i think he's proud of lieutenant brent. i think she's prout of the police department and his father who became a law enforcement as well. >> reporter: they hope the vent raises $25,000 on top of the $150,000 they raised in years past. nominations are out for the emmy aboard ceremony. west world and "saturday night live" tied for the top spot with 22 nominations each. five other new shows made the cut in the drama category that include stranger things, better call saul, the handmade's tail, the crown and, this is us. house of cards is in the running
5:59 pm
but game of thrones is out because the new season begins this sunday after the cut off date. awards will be handed out on september 17th. developing news. one person killed, three others taken to the hospital after a small plane goes down in a field just yards away from a north bay airport. investigators are on the scene trying to figure out what caused that single engine cirrus to go down good evening. i'm julie haener. >> the plane crashed this afternoon in the sonoma valley near schellville and the sonoma sky airports. >> more now from tom vacar live at the scene with the latest. tom. >> reporter: let's took at the what's going on with the aircraft now. they turned the scene over to the faa investigators who are
6:00 pm
looking at the airplane. this is what we know. this is a cirrus sr22. it can be a four or five seat aircraft. it's famous for its parachute system designed to save the passengers and aircraft this this case, it's deployed. it's not clear if it deployed in the air or popped out because of the impact. there was no fair which would suggest one of two things, it disability hit hard enough to rupture the fuel tanks. or two, it may have been out of fuel. though a ruptured tank empty would have a fuel smell which some people did smell out there. two of the survivors were helicoptered to a hospital. one was taken by ambulance. the faa can investigate for violations of safety standards and ntsb safety board team will investigate the cause for -- for the cause of this once they arrive at the scene. like all plane crashes, they're


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